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Will Knox

UK based singer-songwriter Will Knox has teamed up with producer Fab Dupont to create his latest album, The River Ink. It follows his award winning debut album, The Matador & The Acrobat and EP Lexicon.

His new record – which will be released on Greytown Recordings – blends acoustic & electronic compositions, adding another dimension to Will’s folk roots.

These new influences are partly inspired by the wide range of collaborators he has teamed up with on the record, including Peter Gordeno (Depeche Mode, The Who), Charlie Midnight (James Brown, Joni Mitchell), and Marcus Killian (Lionel Richie, Kaiser Chiefs).

Will has been touring extensively around the US & Europe. Between tours he is busy as a producer and songwriter. He co-wrote songs with Make Believe, Sandra van Nieuwland, Duncan de Moor, Tom Dice, and contributed to Dotan’s no. 1 European record, 7 Layers, (including the hit singles ‘Hungry’ & ‘Let The River In’).