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Every composer or writer sooner or later needs professional support from a music publisher. The input Pennies From Heaven provides largely depends on the individual needs or the writer or artists in question and can vary from financial support to creative input. But Pennies From Heaven can also be very helpful in solving solving legal and administrative issues the writers or artists might face over the course of their career.

Pennies From Heaven provides the following services to its signed writers, artists and other right owners:

  • artist development
  • synchronisation / licensing
  • song pitching
  • protection & legal advise
  • administration

Our primary focus is to keep songwriters in-the-know and provide a foundation on which to develop their creative career. Our personal approach of the publishing business enables us to work with songwriters as individuals and provide a service that is unparalleled. 
Pennies From Heaven is well equipped register, administer and generate opportunities for our writers’ music. We report on a more regular basis than usual, keeping everyone up-to-date with when and where works are being used. Pennies From Heaven’s flexibility enables us to cater to our songwriters’ individual needs. Because of our relationship with ‘full service’ music company Agents After All and music agency The Missing Sync we can tailor our relationship to suit everyone. 


At Pennies From Heaven, we love the art of artist development. We prioritise and help facilitate the creative process for our artists and songwriters. We help and equip our artists and songwriters with the necessary tools to reach their full potential. From finding producers and studios to funding records. From creating new music to securing cuts in the global market. Creative development is a priority for us. In fact it’s the future of the music business. Our business.


Recognising the growing importance of synchronisation Pennies Frome Heaven head teamed up the The Missing Sync. Together they are proactive in seeking opportunities from our diverse catalogue of published and recorded rights in all media, including advertising, film, television, radio, CD compilations, gaming, digital and online platforms, covering every genre, mood and tempo. Our copyright system is fully integrated with licensing activity, ensuring efficient administration of music rights management.


Pennies From Heaven recently has stepped up its activities to plugging actively with a ‘direct to source’ international approach. Because of our international success in the last couple of year’s with cuts in various international markets we have been able to steadily grow our sub-publishing network. So whether you’re a label, a manager, an artist, a songwriter, a fellow publisher or a producer and looking for songs and (co)writes. You should be contacting us.


Pennies From Heaven prides itself in aggressively protecting the interests of its partners in case a copyright of any of its writers, artists or other right owners is infringed. We have successfully conducted and resolved cases of plagiarism incidents. In addition to that we offer legal advise to the writers, artists and other rights holders we represent by means of our relationship with ‘full service’ music company Agents After All or by our excellent outside legal counsel.


Pennies From Heaven handles all of the technical issues with registering rights and collecting royalties around the world making sure that writers and other right owners are paid in time. We pro-actively combine modern administration tools and old fashioned personal relationships to keep our writers and artist informed allowing them to focus on the what they do best; making the songs.

Of course Pennies From Heaven is a proud member of the Dutch Music Publishers’ Association; NMUV.