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Douwe Bob writes ‘Summer Breeze’ for Prijsvrij commercial

Together with Maurice van Hoek, Douwe Bob wrote a song especially for the new Prijsvrij campagne about a free and better 2021. Also Douwe’s dog Tammy is making a stellar appearance with an amazing cameo.
Music Supervision by yours truly

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Häagen Dazs – Don’t Hold Back

Don’t Hold Back.

Check out this great rendition of world famous banger ‘Galvanize’ from the Chemical Brothers especially made for this brand international new Häasgen Dazs commercial.

Did you know?
The track features a distinct Moroccan Chaabi string sample from Najat Aatabou’s song “Hadi Kedba Bayna (Obvious lie)”.

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What A Wonderful World – Douwe Bob

Douwe Bob nam speciaal voor deze gelegenheid, geheel op eigen wijze, een prachtige en intieme versie op van de klassieker, ‘What A Wonderful World’. We hebben met veel plezier de muziek supervisie en licentie voor onze rekening genomen.



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Hockeyheren: De Weg Naar Goud

Song: Ed Struijlaart – Gold

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Franklin & Bash episode 10 season 4

Song: Capeman – Love Like A Fool

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Californication season 7

Song: Six Def – Whipping Boy

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