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Pennies From Heaven has signed a worldwide exclusive publishing deal with Jelte Tuinstra. Jelte Tuinstra is better known as Jett Rebel.

‘Writing music is what I live for. Preferably as broad and diverse as possible, whether I’m writing for myself or for others, I write continuously. I think that Pennies From Heaven understands and supports this, and is able to accommodate this high frequency of writing. I’m very happy and excited to start working with the team,’ Jelte says.

‘We are very proud that an extremely talented composer and musician as Jelte has chosen us as his publisher’ Wim Kwakman, creative manager of Pennies From Heaven states. ‘The passionate and committed way Jelte makes his music completely fits the creative vision of Pennies From Heaven. Also for our syncing company The Missing Sync it’s fantastic to work with the songs of Jett Rebel.’

Jett Rebel’s latest single ‘AMY’ has recently been released by Sony Music Netherlands and is broadly embraced by national radiostations.

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