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21 01 2013

Free download ‘Blauwe Maondag’ by Daniël Lohues

Lohues recorded the entire album ‘Ericana’ at his home in his native Erica. Together with his fellow musicians Guus Strijbosch, Bernard Gepken and Bart Wagemakers. The same musicians who also played on previous records ‘Hout Moet’ and ‘Gunder’ by the singer/songwriter. Making a record in his living room was something Lohues always wanted to do. It had to be ‘close’. And close it has become. Deep in the night, woodstove burning. Playing and recording brand new songs was a dream come true. With a special album as a result. A document. The unique atmosphere of musical friends in a house in the country . ‘Songs about home, about friends, people I don’t know and song about myself’, says Lohues about his songs. ‘Ericana’ is an album about coming home, freedom, love and nature. Songs people find comfort in. About understanding. But also songs with the typical ‘Lohuesian’ humor.

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