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16 04 2013

Handsome Poets win Schaal van Rigter

For the third time in four years Pennies From Heaven represents the winner of 3FM’s ‘De Schaal van Rigter’, the yearly award for the best played single on national radio station 3FM. This year Handsome Poets won ‘De Schaal van Rigter Award for their single ‘Sky On Fire’. They received the award 15th April from singer and Pennies From Heaven writer Sanne Hans and 3FM DJ Giel Beelen.

As a publisher Pennies From Heaven had shares in former winners ‘Back It Up’ by Caro Emerald (2009) and ‘Wish I Could’ by Miss Montreal (2011).

As a independent music publisher Pennies From Heaven strives to be involved in an early stage of the career of talented Dutch composers. The Handsome Poets single ‘Sky On Fire’ was released in 2012 as the first single of the second album of the band. The song was used throughout the summer of 2012 by national broadcaster NOS as the anthem for the Olympic Games of London. 

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