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08 07 2013

Pennies From Heaven signs JB Meijers

Pennies From Heaven is proud to announce to have signed producer and songwriter JB Meijers as an exclusive writer.

Pennies From Heaven and JB have been working together since the establishment JB’s publishing company Amnac Music. ‘It’s fantastic to be able to extend our agreement of JB. It feels like the right way forward for both of us. With JB on the Pennies From Heaven roster we have added a talented songwriter with top notch production skills. He will be instrumental in our artist development plans for the future’, says music publisher Wim Kwakman.

JB Meijers: “I like the Pennies From Heaven hands-on approach a lot. We appreciate each other without ever losing sight of reality. In addition to that hey are one of the best when it comes to music publishing and other rights issues. Both nationally and internationally. But what I like most about Pennies From Heaven is that we both share the same passion for what it is all about; music!”.

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