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Daniël Lohues

Daniël Lohues is a multi-instrumental singer / songwriter, record producer and writer from Erica, Netherlands a small town village in Drenthe.

Lohues is known from the hits he had with the critically acclaimed band SKIK,the band he formed in 1994 and that still enjoys cult status in The Netherlands. After SKIK temporarily stopped playing (officially the band never stopped), Daniel Lohues embarked on his solo career. He recorded two blues album with musicians from Louisiana; ‘Ja Boeh’ and ‘Grip’. Both albums were recorded in the US and filmmaker Paul Ruven produced and directed a documentary which was broadcasted on national TV. Lohues & The Lousiana Blues Club played all the major clubs and festivals including the prestigious North Sea Jazz Festival.

After the two blues albums, the highly productive songwriter found it was time to do everything on his own. ‘Allennig’ the saxan word for ‘alone’. He did four sold out theatre tours and made a series of four singer/songwriter albums ‘Allenig’ ‘I’, ‘II’, ‘III’ and ‘IV’. The Four Seasons according the Lohues. For one of the ‘Allennig’ albums won an Edison Award.

In between all these project Lohues produced albums for various Dutch artists. Amongst others for Dutch blues veteran Harry ‘Cuby’ Muskee who always referred to Daniel as being his musical ‘cousin’ and Daniel referred to him lovingly as ‘Uncle’. Resulting in the first golden record for the Hollands biggest blues legend Cuby & The Blizzards – ‘Cats Lost’.

More recently, Lohues collaborated with Dutch comedian Herman Finkers which delivered a studio album featuring 16 songs from Finkers’ theatre show ‘Liever dan Geluk’. Furthermore Lohues produced albums with the likes of rock act Di-rect, but also for Dutch singers like Rob de Nijs, Herman van Veen. In addition to that he penned songs for Paul de Leeuw, Freek de Jonge and Jenny Arean and won the ‘Annie MG Schmidt Prijs’ for the evergreen ‘Annelie’.

After his solo tours Lohues wanted to tour with a band again. Together with his musical friends, bass player Guus Strijbosch, gitarist Bernard Gepken, he made three album which resulted in sold out tours again. ‘Hout Moet’, ‘Gunder’ and ‘Ericana’.

Next summer the multi-talented Lohues will (traditionally) spend his summer and most of the fall in the US penning new songs for yet new exciting musical projects.