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Thijs van der Klugt

Thijs van der Klugt is an award winning and much requested writer, multi instrumentalist, producer and mixer. He is best known for working with artists like Douwe Bob, Chef’Special, Son Mieux, Blaudzun, Sef, Baskerville and many others. He has been involved in a wide range of projects that span over a great deal of the musicical spectrum. From classic indie band productions to genre defying cross-over alternative dance music, Thijs has earned his stripes. He is well known for his creative solutions and unique sounds when it comes down to arrangement and production.

With his own band Baskerville Thijs has written and recorded two critically acclaimed albums and played countless high energy shows on for instance Sziget, Lowlands and Leeds Reading festival. Bands and artist that worked with Thijs often describe him as that extra band member in a writing or recording sessions. He is at his best when he can invest time and creativity in a long term collaboration. Capturing the essence of the artist and helping to create the musical synopsis is where he shines brightest. As a creative manager aside from his writing and production skills, he has helped bands and artists like Douwe Bob, Son Mieux, Sue the Night and Sef to go in exciting new directions and also keeping an eye on the coherence of the creative proces.