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Will Knox

Born and raised in Hammersmith London, Will Knox moved to New York at age 18 where he studied at Berklee College of Music. Recorded 2 albums and an EP with producer Fab Dupont (3x Grammy nominee).

He found himself commuting regularly to Amsterdam to work with other European artist as a co-writer and lyricist. Now living in Holland he’s steadily building a strong foundation with his solo career as he released 3 albums with his fourth on the way.

Co-writing pivotal tracks for Dotans record ‘7 layers’, such as ‘Hungry’ 28 million streams, created a buzz around Will. His reputation as a versatile co-writer kept on growing making him one the most sought after songwriters in the Netherlands. Will has written with some of Netherlands top artists incl. Duncan Laurence, Miss Montreal, Dotan, Within Temptation. Such collaborations earned him a Buma Award in 2016.

International success came when Duncan Laurence won the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 with the song, ‘Arcade’ which Will co-wrote. ‘Arcade’ has got 90 million streams on Spotify, and 35 million views on YouTube.

Artists whom have worked with Will praise him for his expertise in composition, his outstanding social skills and especially for writing beautifully English crafted lyrics.